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Airline Creates An 'XL Class' For Overweight Passengers {Gadling}

Jun 21st 2013 11:34AM

Jennifer, I'm also an RN and know firsthand about all of the issues you mentioned. Though I agree with you about the physical strain on healthcare professionals when we have a morbidly obese patient under our care, I completely disagree with the attitude you've developed about these patients. Most in our profession have chosen to care for others who need our care and expertise without any kind of "checklist" of prerequisites or qualifiers. Mentally illness is certainly not something that anyone chooses, but sadly it exists. Diabetes is a cruel disease that steals our health; sometimes it can be controlled or even prevented, but many times it's inherited and unavoidable. So which of these patients do we agree to care for and which do we turn away because perhaps the ravages of their disease might be difficult for us to handle (for whatever reason)? As health professionals who feel "called" to treat and care for others who cannot care for themselves, we should be doing that - period! Making someone feel guilty or humiliated NEVER motivates them to change nor does it help them to start down a path of better health.

Airline Creates An 'XL Class' For Overweight Passengers {Gadling}

Jun 21st 2013 11:11AM

Very reasonable comments, Karen! Whether or not I'm overweight is not the issue nor should it be. No one has the right (legally or ethically) to judge anyone else or to presume to know what the reasons are for anyone else's physical condition, not that any of that matters anyway. The point should be and is that EVERYONE, including obese AND thin people, should be alloted the exact SAME amount of coutesy as long as that person shows the same amount of respect and courtesy toward others. Lastly, I think this idea from Samoan Airlines is better than anything any of the other airlines have proposed and seems fair to all travelers.

Jail Time for Phoenix Man Who Hosted Bible Study at His Home {AOL Real Estate}

Jul 8th 2012 4:39PM

Hi Mike: Thanks for replying to my comment; I appreciate your politeness. If only more people on the boards could use even half that amount of civility when disagreeing with another comment. Anyway, I was simply using as an example the fact that this couple was having as many as 20 or so people in their backyard building (2000 sq ft). Also, I actually don't think our opinions differ at all because I absolutely agree that regardless of what the activity or in whomever's backyard, there should never be so many persons (or cars) as to create any kind of safety hazard on that property or that of any neighbors. I thought of a real example: We personally don't live in a "subdivision" where we would be bound by a list of restrictions agreed upon at the purchase of a home. But a fairly nice restricted neighborhood about 5 miles closer to town has a family who always decorate VERY elaborately (trust me on that one) for Christmas. They even have a "Santa" every night leading up to Christmas Eve, along with a well-thought out and planned arrangement in their yard for people to walk through each night looking at all the holiday scenes. This is all set up in their front & side yard, extending over onto the empty property next door (that they purchased). This became SO successful and well-known in our small community as well as in surrounding larger cities that the crowds and cars became a "real and present issue." The short of it is that they cooperated with their neighborhood "committee" by hiring someone to police the parking issues they were having as well as traffic movement in that general area. Solutions were publicized and the vast majority of people visiting are very respectful of all guidelines. The neighbors are happy, restrictions have been honored, no laws are being broken, and everyone can celebrate that holiday season any way they choose or not without any hard feelings! Have a blessed day!

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