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$1,600 Utility Bill for Home Leveled During Hurricane Sandy {AOL Real Estate}

May 20th 2013 7:48PM

I would expect this of LIPA. I am not shocked by this. I get letters from my medical insurance company telling me "This is not a bill" and it goes on to state that they didnt pay the doctor or hospital. SO how is this NOT a bill? SO i called them up--"if this is not a bill and you arent paying for my medical care--what exaxctly is this?" Answer--OH-it is up to you if you wish to PAY it. " I said "Up to me? Well then i choose NOT to pay it. The ysaid--then they will probably sue you. " I said--I thought this was not a bill? it's NOT-it's just stating WE, your insurance co. will not pay the medical bill--you will get a bill from the hospital and doctors. "Oh-so instead of labelind the leterhead "NOT A BILL" why dont you label it what irt REALLY IS 'DENIAL OF COVERAGE" whe nI said that they HUNG UP. Expect this kind of nonsense.

As to their credit--you can BET LIPA will file a credit complaint that the electric bill was not paid even though they claim they don't havr ot pay it. WHY? because different departments and different people run each individual part of these operations. The person who said "you dont have to pay it" probably wont send a memo to the person who SENT the bill. That creates a VOID and an unpaid-in limbo-bill. What they need to do is GO to LIPA-have thme give them a written statement they are not responsible for the bill. If LIPA is able to send the bill-they are able to send a letter stating the bill is VOID. But good luck getting that VOIDED will NEVER come.

Bill McMachen of Michigan Buys Hundreds of Foreclosed Properties, Dirt Cheap {AOL Real Estate}

Aug 4th 2012 10:22PM

WHy it's OLD MAN POTTER HIMSELF--buying all the distressed properties to try and inflate the price and sell them back....what a guy ...

PopScene: The Week's Hottest Pics {PopEater}

Jun 9th 2011 3:27PM

And YOUR wife or GF is HOTTER LOl..She's beautiful;-perhaps you prefer the SNOOKI type LOL

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