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Good News for Lindsay Lohan? Jeweler in Theft Case Sells Key Evidence {PopEater}

Mar 7th 2011 7:03AM

What a scam! I had a feeling that this jewelry store was up to something. Everyone these days are out to make a buck when a celebrity is on the hook for something. If I were the prosecutor, I would just drop the case and not waste anymore taxpayer dollars on this matter. Lindsay is going to do something else to screw up her life - unless she finally got the idea that its time to grow up. #losing

Report: Lance Armstrong Caught With Drugs by Customs Officials in 2003 {Fanhouse Main}

Jan 20th 2011 4:22PM

Floyd Landis is SI's source? What an f'n joke! I wouldn't use this magazine to wipe my back side - if this is the type of garbage they are going to run. Armstrong has been tested more times than any other athlete on the planet during and after he won those bicycle races - and NEVER came out positive. If they didn't get a positive result during those tests - are we supposed to take the word of a LIAR and disgraced jerk who did get busted? Let it go Landis. You are irrelevant and your name is MUD in the cycling world and beyond.

Lea Michele Made Young 'True Grit' Star Cry With Brush Off {PopEater}

Jan 10th 2011 2:30AM

I enjoy watching her on glee, so I watched her on Letterman last year. She kept calling it "MY show." Other actors on the Letterman show refer to their particular show as "our show". I also saw her audition tape and she was very 'demanding' when the piano guy messed up the piece she was doing. I tend to believe she's a bit of a diva.

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