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Report: Church of Scientology Under Federal Investigation for Free Labor {PopEater}

Feb 9th 2011 1:56PM

Nhumar......As for being surprised Katie Holmes is still with him....why? Here's what believed happened. The upper echelon of Scientology told Cruise to get rid of Nicole Kidman. Why? Because she would have nothing to do with the cult (thank God. I love how happy she is now with Keith Urban). They told him to find some young little chippy to bring into the "family". That's exactly what went down. Katie is involved lock, stock and barrel. The real shame of this is that all the children have been brought up to believe what Cruise believes. Very disheartening........

Mel Gibson's Next Bombshell: Rehab? {PopEater}

Jul 16th 2010 2:27PM

He said - She said!!! While she may be nothing more than a money-grubbing "lady", Mel Gibson allowed it to happen. His eyes were WIDE OPEN after he divorced his loving wife of 30 years. So please don't support his actions. I can't even imagine what ALL of his children think!!!! SHAME ON BOTH "ADULTS".

'American Idol' Lowers Age Limit to 15 {AOL TV}

Jun 22nd 2010 10:34AM

Hey Dr. Bill.......I agree with you about "So You Think You Can Dance." Having been a dancer in my younger years, this show has some amazingly talented dancers. I love, love, love it.

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