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Stephanie Seymour and Her Son Bond On the Beach {StyleList (Main)}

Jul 18th 2011 1:11PM

This is bizarre/incestual. Ugh. Doesn't she got a man?? A woman?? A friend? Anybody but her son!! Jeezus!

Insider: Expect an 'Oprah' Return if OWN Needs a Lift {PopEater}

May 26th 2011 9:41PM

I watched a lot of Oprah. I got overrrr her favorite celebrities constantly showing up! I will miss the show, but I was a little aghast at the Going Away ALL Star Celebration!

Source: CBS Pondering a 'Men' Without Charlie Sheen {PopEater}

Feb 24th 2011 12:32PM

The show is ALREADY DYING WITH OR WITHOUT Charlie. Jake grew up and they writers can't find something for him. Charlie sits and drinks the whole time. The bimbettes parading is old.

Everyonce in a while a SHOW needs to say goodbye. Now is the right time.

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