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Egyptian Men Apologize to Lara Logan for Attack {MyDaily}

Feb 17th 2011 6:43PM

How many criminals, are there.. per-capita, in Egypt anyway? An entire group of rapists just happened to be in the same place as her at the same time? If you ask me, this smells more like a societal illness---in the way in which women and even more specifically... western women are viewed by certain cultures.

John Lennon's Private Letters to be Published in 2012; Rights Sold by Yoko Ono {PopEater}

Jan 22nd 2011 5:09AM

I love John Lennon! I want every single piece of his private and public life, not matter what it is, to be made available for his adoring fans to see. I am sure, that if he were alive today, that there wouldn't be any aspect of his life that he would want to keep private. And now that he's dead, he's probably even more apathetic about his private life, right? Thank you Yoko, I hope that you can somehow make lots and lots of money from this!

Obama's Anger Problem {Politics Daily}

Sep 24th 2008 1:33PM

Oh Mo, this is just another limp wristed attempt by to try to make yourself look objective and at the same time continue to pimp your candidate. By critiquing something about his demeanor that no one else gives two bleeps about. Where is the outrage in the press over this "anger" problem that Obama has? Do you really think that the topic around water coolers across America is about Obama's lack of publicly exhibited rage? You need to get a clue dude and get back to the issues yourself. Stop playing Frasier Crane for a minute and realize that both sides may have they're perceived personality flaws, but the "rational" voter is more influenced by the substance that the candidate offers and the credibility behind his or her offers.

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