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Lea Michele Made Young 'True Grit' Star Cry With Brush Off {PopEater}

Jan 7th 2011 4:26PM

It is a shame that Lea M. couldn't be a better "mature" role model for her admirers. My mother used to say beauty is only skin deep - true beauty is pure of heart and radiates love and unselfishness.
Hailee has that and should use this unfortunate experience as an example of how NOT to be in life and her career. I was taught to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. My mother also said to be careful of how you treat others on your way up because if you are not careful you could meet them on your way down. It is always wise to never mistreat anyone. Forgive, turn the other cheek and move on up (to the East side) LOL.
Have a "Happy New Blessed Year" one and ALL!

U.S. Real Estate Deals Snapped Up by Foreign Buyers {Housingwatch}

Jul 10th 2010 6:34PM

I guess this means that our enemies can buy our land piece by piece and we will not have a homeland. This is a takeover without a fight.

Who Will Be the Next President? {Politics Daily}

Nov 3rd 2008 3:47PM

We should not look any leader who is inexperienced! Change can be good but it can also be devastating! Obama will flip the script if in power and the people will not like the end result! Clean coal technology can be extremely beneficial not only for economy but for creating jobs. I shutter to think about electricity shooting up along with taxes for give away programs. I will come out ahead as I am on social security disability so spreading the wealth will help me, but at what price for the future of my children and you! I am from downtown Detroit and mark my words the income you earn will be spread or shared with the 40% who don't pay taxes and never did! All the cities with Addicts,felons,homeless by choice, and all illegals including the terrorists which reside in southwest Detroit and Dearborn, MI. The terrorists were arrested across the street from a relative (9-11)! We already pay for their medical and welfare so what's a little more gonna hurt? Obama if elected wants to give them a right of having a drivers license too! How sweet! But not to worry we can all move to San Francisco a known sanctuary city! All convicts invited. Great place to raise a kid! The kid's get to see gay weddings for their fieldtrips! How wholesome!
I'm sooo glad I'm collecting my social security on what taxes I paid on MY income for MY social security! Use it or lose it! If Obama wins I'll even get more--Yippee I KNOW my children and others won't mind paying the price for the extra's I will receive I bet! Do you think there will be anything left for them or YOU I wonder? Ah, how bright the future looks that is if we aren't blown off the map (lowering defense $$$)
Thank YOU for YOUR income or should I say WEALTH! P.S. I sure hope Obama, Oprah, and Holywood show a good example and help(spread their wealth) his poor relatives living in poverty in Kenya and his Auntie to be legalized and off welfare! And maybe somebody should inform Michelle to cut back on extravagant lunches for one at $400.00 tabs??? Do I hear "Let THEM eat cake"??? This should be very interesting! Oh, yes I'm for change but not at ANY price! The Nazi party led by Hitler began on that idea as well! Change depends on the leader and what road they take us down or up? Freedom to Choose is up to you my friend! Use it well while you still have it! God Bless

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