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'Deadliest Catch' Captain Phil Harris Dies {PopEater}

Feb 10th 2010 8:34PM

FYI, this Blue Collar show, as you called it, shows what it's like for these men and how they earn their living. I don't know what You do for a living, but, to be honest, you must be jealous of these men who take to the sea, under some of the worst conditions, and supply everyone with the fresh crab that everyone seems to love! By the way, I loved the show, and in no way shape or form are these men "intellectually challenged" as you put it. It takes knowledge to know where to put their gear out for the crab, and you don't. Enough said.

'Deadliest Catch' Captain Phil Harris Dies {PopEater}

Feb 10th 2010 7:49PM

Just because he smoked cigarettes doesn't mean anything, and he looked fine to me. He went through a lot, almost missed a season of fishing due to an accident while out on the sea. I would like to see you do the work he and his crew did. Josh and Jake, I know the pain, the suddeness of your loss, all I have to say is remember the good times, the bad times and the fun you had with him. I admired Phil for going back out to sea after his accident, and I admire you, his sons, for being strong in his absence. Take care and God Bless all of the crew of the Cornelia Marie.

Miracle Puppy Needs a Name {Animal Hubbub}

Aug 16th 2007 1:34AM

I thank you for doing what I have done several times. I have 2 cats that I have had to rescue from death at a young age. Demon was found on the side of the road by a former neighbor, I took her home and she was my Christmas Tree Topper that year! Spooky was found last August, severely dehydrated and nearly dead like Pei Pei, and is our baby girl. Although she's a year old, hard to believe, she acts like a kitten. I don't know if the heat did anything to her brain, but, she's way out there sometimes. I would fight to keep my kids and I believe that God keeps sending them my way since I cannot have children of my own. I will take care of any of God's children sent my way, human or animal, no matter what has happened to them. Thank you for doing what you did and fighting for Pei Pei's life so hard, you are indeed, a true Angel sent from Heaven.

Take care and God Bless You!!!!

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