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10 Reasons Why More Americans Are Quitting Their Jobs {AOL Jobs}

Dec 17th 2010 2:13AM

Really Jim, have you read anything written here? This is becoming more typical than not, in our disposable society. My work is constantly being shipped off to a corporate owned village in Thailand. I'm not even anywhere near the management level that would get a "severance package", mine would be, "your job is gone, so nice to know you". I have a supervisor that relishes hearing about workers getting $3.80 an hour with no benefits. He does not realize that he is on the firing line as well.

We have been "dumbing down" our schooling for so long that we can no longer even tell what is good for us. Wake up and smell the coffee, dude.

Unpopular taxes and fees cropping up everywhere in the nickel and dime economy {WalletPop}

Jul 29th 2010 12:13AM

The problems in American society today:

We demand services and we are now no longer willing to pay for them.

We also give major tax breaks to the rich hoping that the money, in thier largess, will "trickle down" to us.

We are supporting non-working families simply because the momma popped out a couple of babies and the daddy hasn't married her.

We have to have someone to blame for us not getting what we want, so we blame the "other party" instead of getting involved in the decision making process. Just putting a mark next to a name does not make you involved.

Do Pet Owners Prefer Their Pups to Their Partners? {Pawnation OLD}

Mar 28th 2010 5:34PM

I wanted love, loyalty and affection. So I got a dog! or was it that she chose me from the animal shelter, hard to tell. She's so manipulative.

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