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Exclusive 'Cougar Town' DVD Bonus Clip and Giveaway {AOL TV}

Aug 18th 2010 9:56PM

Cougar Town is a fun name for the show. Although I don't like how its shot. I like the show a lot, although I just wish that is wasn't shot in a Hi-Def format. I wish they made everyone look more real and not so artificial looking. That's my only recommendation. Other than that. I LOVE IT! I love Courtney and can't wait until Scream 4 comes out!

Two More Pussycats Leave the Dollhouse {PopEater}

Mar 2nd 2010 9:43PM

i agree. let somebody else have some fame

Furious Ryanair passenger eats his $13,600 winning lottery ticket {Gadling}

Mar 1st 2010 5:10PM

The guy didn't deserve the money anyway.. I'm glad that money gets to go to charity.

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