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Man Blames Hot Cruise Ship for Lost Leg {AOL Travel News}

Jul 6th 2010 4:16PM

GREAT ANSWER, JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Cathy- how DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need signs everywhere to tell us metal/wood/concrete gets HOT in the sun???????????????? HOW ABOUT SOME COMMON SENSE?????????????????

Readers to Jillian Michaels: We Don't Want to Ruin Our Bodies With Pregnancy, Either {PopEater}

Apr 26th 2010 1:23PM

Anyone who chooses not to have children because of changes to their body is SELFISH AND SELF-CENTERED. Your body changes are NOT permanent- they depend on what you stuff your mouth with and getting up off the couch. The body you were given is yours to maintain and take care of. Pregnancy changes are a given but you can get back in shape if you worked out before, during, and after your pregnancy. I'm 55 and have a better body than I did when I was 30, before children. I'm 5'4" 127 lbs, 16% body fat- tight, trim, and firm, no surgery, thank you. I work out with a trainer 3x/wk and do cardio 3x/wk on my own. I eat healthy (3 larger meals and 3 snacks/treat per day), maintaining a high metabolism by eating every 2 1/2 to 3 hrs) and live a healthy lifestyle- no smoking, drinking once in awhile socially and no drugs. My boyfriend is 34 and marvels at my body- tells me I'm an inspiration to him every time he looks at me. You do to your body what you want to do, just like maintaining a car. Abuse it and you will turn into a fat dumpy disgusting blob. Simple as that.

What's the Ideal Age Difference in a Romantic Relationship? {Asylum}

Mar 17th 2010 12:24PM

And BTW.... sorry for the typo on the word "relationship"- I am NOT illiterate! I am a doctor and he is a construction worker- a total alpha male so he knows how to take care of a woman and make her feel safe and secure. Just what every woman wants and needs!

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