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Weird Stuff Dogs Eat {Pawnation OLD}

Sep 24th 2011 12:24PM

BAD advice! yes, peroxide is what vets use to induce vomiting. The amount depends on the weight of the dog. AND NEVER induce vomiting if what they swallowed is sharp. It also doesn't always work, and has to be repeated after 10 minutes, and only in a smaller amount advised by a vet. If that doesn't work they need to go in immediately to the pet ER. The other important thing is the timing. More than 10 minutes after ingestion, it rarely works and can cause more harm than good.

Weird Stuff Dogs Eat {Pawnation OLD}

Sep 24th 2011 12:20PM

My dogs have always loved raw brocoli, carrots, beets and grass as WELL as their dog food and meat scraps.

Octomom Brings 9 of Her Kids Along for Chaotic 'TODAY' Visit (Video) {PopEater}

Jul 10th 2011 8:43AM

To the person who asked "where's the cage".....what a lousy thing to say. This is a woman with 8 two and a half year olds in an interview. I think they were no different than most 2-1/2 year olds. Children at that age have VERY short attention spans. I see moms with ONE kid in a store who has kids who are a thousand times worse than they are.
She is miraculously not on public aid. For that I give her a lot of thumbs up.
All you haters need to get busy tending your own lives.

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