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New Hampshire Child Falls Down Laundry Chute, Gets Trapped in Wall {AOL Real Estate}

Nov 25th 2012 12:27PM

Hhhmmm, Seems as tho they have been there a while, actually I find this story rather weird. Why is this boy up so early..what drew him to the HATCH..why wasn't there even a hook and eye on the door or some type of LATCH on it? And why was he not told not to go near it after it was re - plastered. Seems like these parents need to go to parenting classes !

Loretta and Kevin Yates' Ontario Home Infested With Thousands of Bees, Ceiling Dripping Honey {AOL Real Estate}

Aug 1st 2012 3:04PM

A sign seen just down the road from their house....[ Before you leave town, stop by and see "The Yates and the Buzz Tones"] live shows daily from 9am until 5 pm....DON'T FORGET TO PICK UP SOME HOME GROWN H O N E Y !@! Gotta laugh..//(*.*)\\

Rihanna and Other Celebs Beat the Heat {StyleList (Main)}

Jul 21st 2011 8:41PM

What in the world is that NASTY THING on her head? It is not even funny as an attention getter..LMAO !

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