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The Love Boat Makes Final Voyage {Gadling}

Aug 9th 2013 8:53PM

Not only that one, but the "current" Enterprise CVN 65 is also heading to the breakers. That too, is sad, but by the time they remove the reactors, there will be nothing left. There is talk of keeping the conning tower as a museum. However, the name Enterprise will live on, as CVN 80 will carry the name.

Superman Renounces U.S. Citizenship? {PopEater}

May 1st 2011 9:32AM

You would never see Bruce Wayne doing something like that. So who really represents America?

Kate Middleton Style Evolution {StyleList (Main)}

Nov 20th 2010 10:08PM

I hope this does not get old, or even cliche, but she is pretty enough to be a princess.

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