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The Old Spice Man Through The Ages {PopEater}

Feb 28th 2010 7:29AM

Wordman, I'm sorry that you were molested when you were young. But being gay has NOTHING to do with child molestation. Gay men/women aren't child molesters. Child molesters are child molesters.

And you being a dock worker has little merit. My ex's father is gay, and he's a biker... A large scary biker. No way no HOW would I mess with that man.

Former 'Idol' Top Twelver Arrested For Identity Theft {PopEater}

Feb 26th 2010 5:09PM

It's unfortunate to see someone who had some talent fall from grace like he did. But, he'll have to join the ranks of many Idol hopefuls who pretty much destroyed their chances (Jessica Sierra, Corey Clark, etc.)

As it being a race issue. Every race steals, and I highly doubt it was because we have a "black" president. None of you would be saying this if the white guy won.

Courtney Love Bounces Back With First Hole Show in Over a Decade {Spinner}

Feb 19th 2010 7:44AM

I'm glad that she's starting to get it back together. I grew up with her music in middle/high school, and watched her movies. Hopefully, she can get back to the Grunge Queen she once was.

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