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Tony Parker Opens Up About Split With Eva Longoria {PopEater}

Jan 15th 2011 3:33AM

Difficult times he says? WHY? He was the one who needed to sextext another woman. How would he like it if Eva was doing that to HIM and he was a decent husband and she was the skank? Hey buddy, you play you pay and lose. What a loser he is. Ugly guy too.

Owen Wilson Welcomes Baby Boy in Hawaii {PopEater}

Jan 15th 2011 2:56AM

Takes 9 months to have a baby, says they have known each other right over a year, he didn't even know this girl. This chick wasted no time in sealing the deal for her meal ticket. Like she doesn't know what birth control is? Pathetic. Men, wear condoms unless you want scammed like this. He'll never marry her, she's proven what she is about.

Owen Wilson Welcomes Baby Boy in Hawaii {PopEater}

Jan 13th 2011 8:14PM

What else is he gonna say? I was stupid and didn't use condoms, she set me up and now has a meal ticket for life, since she doesn't know BIRTH CONTROL stops pregnancy? Any guy that is too stupid to wear a condom, now he has a woman he is forced to possibly marry and a kid he probably didn't want. Any female that gets pregnant out of wedlock is doing it on purpose guys!

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