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Pilot's New Book Argues 'Everything You Know About Air Travel is Wrong' {Gadling}

May 14th 2013 5:32PM

Actually, airlines have been doing the same as other industries. Getting rid of the older more experienced--read expensive--pilots and bringing in the younger--read cheaper--pilots. These days, even pilots have to 'share' apartments with six or more roomies when on layover between flights. Today's pilots make a pittance of what salaries used to be. In fact, many are no longer even full time. Others are required to fly so many hours they are overworked and 'asleep at the wheel'. A practice blamed for a commuter crash several years ago. Yes, in the past, pilots did very well on huge airlines...but no more. You really are taking your life in your hands when flying today, if you have an overworked or inexperienced pilot.

Pop Singer Psy to Live in (Gangnam) Style in Los Angeles {AOL Real Estate}

Jan 4th 2013 9:36AM

Sadly, I think this will become an instance of a one-hit wonder...and it won't be long before he wishes he had all that money back... if he spends all his money, hopefully he can get the money back on the condo and not take a loss.

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