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Barack Obama Guest-Stars on 'MythBusters,' Wants to Learn About a Solar Death Ray (VIDEO) {AOL TV}

Dec 9th 2010 12:56PM

I find it hilarious you all complain about Obama on an AOL forum. No one cares what you're complaining about. If you don't like the cataclysmic mess that current president is trying to fix and that the LAST president put us in, then DO something about it rather than whine and moan about it behind a computer screen.

Give me a break. You people are ridiculous.

John Mayer 'Loves Black Women,' Offends Everyone {PopEater}

Feb 11th 2010 1:20AM

I think he was trying too hard to be accepted by black people in general but if what is read is true, then he certainly crossed the line. I however, do not think he is racist. Prejudiced maybe, but not a racist.
I myself, sometimes think about how white people think they were put here on Earth to rule, how pasty they are, how chalky, cracked and ugly they get when the are old.And I don't like to touch them because I don't think they are clean people. And how they start most if not all wars. But these are things that I work on from day to day. Everyone is predjudiced to another group.

Even though you're a dumb cracker-back John Mayer, i still like you.

Best Movie Villains of All Time {Moviefone Blog}

Aug 4th 2008 5:57PM

Lord Voldemort should be number one. Not just because I'm a HP fan...but becaus anyone whose read the books knows he was based off of Hitler...

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