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Chris Brown Shoots Hoops After Explosive 'GMA' Appearance {PopEater}

Mar 23rd 2011 2:35PM

I still believe no one knows what really happened between Brown and Rihanna. I am very suspicious of this woman innocence and feel for Brown probably not being able to reveal all the truth about her. She appears tough and ready to anything. It's sad the media and people who were not there are so judgmental. Brown could be the good guy...

Gisele Bündchen Brews Controversy by Calling Sunscreen 'Poison' {StyleList (Main)}

Feb 5th 2011 4:10PM

I do too, and I believe Grace Gold should some research. She doesn't get it!

'The Tourist' Review: Jolie and Depp Don't Travel Well Together {Moviefone Blog}

Dec 14th 2010 12:51PM

Never read this review before going to the theatre to see The Tourist. Not that it would had made a difference in my expectations. My husband and I, we enjoyed the movie. I am not a movie fan or any star fan, but this movie was clever, extremely beautiful and the actors had evident chemistry. By reading the reviewers titles about the film and the actors it seems there is a cabal against this movie and the actors. The word of mouth will be enough to keep this movie at the top.

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