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An Inside Look At The Old TWA Terminal At JFK {Gadling}

Oct 8th 2012 3:12PM

I used to love to fly. Went half way around the world in the 60's. And, I loved to fly TWA. Flew from N. CA to S. CA maybe 10 times a year to visit my family. You couldn't get me on a plane now for any price. They have made it uncomfortable and heaven help you if you speak to the person next to you. Flying used to be fun and a great experience. Now it's an invasion of privacy and "big-brother" like. I hate it and if I can't drive to wherever I want to go...well, then I'll just stay home. I refuse to pay to be abused by strangers. In my opinion...TSA should be disbanded because it has shown that we are NO safer today than we were on 911.

Uh-O: Rosie and Oprah Have Their Very OWN Rift {PopEater}

Feb 24th 2011 12:53PM

We all know Rosie's political views. She makes them loud and clear. She wants everyone to be tolerant of her and her lifestyle; while she bashes everyone else's. She can't hold a reasonable intelligent discussion. She has to yell to make her point, or make the other person mad so they walk away. Talk about a hater...she is it!
Not a good choice Oprah. I don't watch "OWN" anyway...this will not change my mind.

Christina Aguilera Botches National Anthem at Super Bowl, Admits Mistake {PopEater}

Feb 7th 2011 12:34AM

I was appalled by her performance. The only other person that sang this bad was Roseanne and she got in a lot of trouble for it. It is not an easy song to sing. They need to practice for at least 3 months with music, know the words and for God's sake...learn the tempo. Most sing it as a death march so that they can add extra words or notes, or forget half of it. This was terrible. And yes, I know all the words and have sung it in public. I love our National Anthem and country. This was a slap in our face for sure. If you don't know the words and can't practice...please decline to sing it. We will all appreciate it.

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