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Megan Fox Is Anti Nudity, Sex Tape {PopEater}

Sep 9th 2009 9:45AM

Isn't there nudity in Jennifer's Body? Weird. She says this now, but years from how I'm sure they paycheck will be high enough to convince her to do on-screen nudity. I've seen more pics of her nearly naked than just about anyone else, not really sure why she thinks people haven't seen her privates already.

Perez Labeled a 'Pedophile' for Hyping Pic of Demi Moore's Teen Daughter {PopEater}

Sep 4th 2009 9:28AM

Perez has definitely insulted a lot of celebs, and his methods can be crude and rude, but give me a break... child porn? Really? Obviously he didn't take the pic, and even more obvious is that it CAN'T be child porn since there's no nudity in it LOL! I find it kind of sad that these insane women would jump to a conclusion of Perez being a pedophile, which is especially insulting to the gay community since calling a gay man a pedo is what many people first jump to. I think it's obvious that what he was trying to point out is that Demi is a crappy mother for letter her daughter go out dressed like THAT, with her shirt cut nearly down to her navel. That's disturbing. I'd be more worried about the daughter, the crowd she's in, and photogs taking pics of her, rather than the guy who's posting them!!

Nerds vs. Gym Rats -- Who's Better in Bed? {Lemondrop}

Jun 10th 2009 10:39PM

I can honestly say from experience (not just theories) that nerds are better in bed. Yes, they can be more nervous, but in most cases they've had past long term relationships where they got the time to develop sexually with one woman, instead of many one night stands like a gym rat. Nerds tend to make it all about the woman because they are worried that they might not stand up in bed, or they have a passion for women and don't take them for granted. In addition, guys who obsessively go to the gym usually need to make up for other things that are lacking... if ya know what i mean.

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