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Demolish Taj Mahal? Indian Pol Muhammad Azam Khan Says it Should Have Never Been Built {AOL Real Estate}

Feb 3rd 2013 7:20AM

$200,000,000 in today's market? Still a bargain. Take one day from what the USA subsidizes Exxon and Shell's oil crusade with...and you can build 7 or 8 Taj Mahal's. 7 or 8 shrines, displays to love and beauty, in trade for one day of USA militant carnage subsidizing Exxon, Shell, Hunt, et al's short term profit ambitions: I'll go for that trade!

A Message From the Team {Portalblog}

Dec 21st 2012 10:57AM

Sinking deeper into a paranoid KGB Soviet like State is not the way to go.

A Message From the Team {Portalblog}

Dec 21st 2012 10:52AM

No. Violence has not been ingrained in America forever. It started with the Milgram experiments, as a first beginning of conditioning another human to over ride their nature of not killing another human being (see On Killing by Lt.
Col. David Grossman).

Until relative recently America has been more like a mother cat protecting her litter from being moved or tampered with. She will be ferocious and furious, but she doesn't strike out to harm, but acts to protect her America once acted to protect it's high ideals.

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