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Celebs React to Casey Anthony's Not Guilty Verdict {PopEater}

Jul 5th 2011 4:52PM

Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You may not be tweeting but you are certainly blogging, not much difference in my opinion, your statement made you look like an idiot.

25 Bolivian Lions Get New Homes in Colorado Thanks to Bob Barker {Pawnation OLD}

Feb 18th 2011 5:03PM

WTG Bob Barker, now if the US would ban the circus then we would be on our way to humane treatment. I don't understand why people feel it is ok to abuse animals, China (for one) needs to be bombed off the planet, they are disgusting people and are horrible to animals, actually, we here in the US are not much better, have you ever seen them slaughter cows, turkeys so on and so forth, the people have no regard for the pain these animals go through. We all need to be more kind, if you have to eat meat then slaughter as quickly as possible with out torturing the animal. The people who are taking these animals, kudos to you, I'm sure it has taken many many people behind the scenes and God Bless them, and to the animal abusers, well, your day is coming, when you meet your maker, you will live in hell for eternity....Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ted Nugent Fined for Killing Young Deer on Reality TV {PopEater}

Aug 18th 2010 11:23AM

I agree with you shrimperdan, the guy is a total creep, just remember the word KARMA. Ted should die by the arrow and hopefully I could be the one to shoot and I'm a horrible aim, maybe I'd hit him in the eye, the would be really fun, so he could die a very slow and painful death, I have always HATED this runt, I can't say a man because a man he is not........Die Ted Die...

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