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Whistleblowers Win $46.5 Million in Foreclosure Settlement {AOL Real Estate}

Jul 2nd 2012 2:08PM

She has turned in to the monster she was fighting. I would not have a problem is she would turn around and use the money to fight these "thieves" that have destroyed peoples lives, by forclosing on homes, and not working it out to pay for a house that the bank will most likely never be able to sell. The only people that will pay this money, is the taxpayers, because the bank will just call poverty, and Uncle Sam opens his checkbook.

Kenneth Robinson, $16 Squatter, Kicked Out of Upscale Home {AOL Real Estate}

Feb 7th 2012 10:22AM

Whom was he employed by ? Or was he also collecting public assitance ???? Bet he has a bank account some where and when they find it….it won't be 2 yrs Texas law…it will be 10 yrs Federal law for welfare fraud…..see how your squating works in prison…..

Single Charlie Sheen Ditched by Remaining Goddess {PopEater}

Jun 27th 2011 2:46PM

Not only loose her, but get rid of all those stupid hats ! We got it, your going grey/balding like your dad and all it does is it makes you look like a clown.

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