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Source: Sarah Ferguson Told to 'Disappear' on Royal Wedding Day {PopEater}

Apr 28th 2011 6:46PM

I always liked Fergie - she was down to earth and funny. That stick in the mud she was married to hasn't made her life/finances all that easy all these years. She should have been invited to the wedding and shown proper respect. After all, she apologized in public for her prior actions. Give a girl a break! Good luck to you old gal :)

10 Retailers and Restaurants We Really Miss {WalletPop}

Nov 21st 2010 8:48PM

There is one here in Jacksonville Florida at the Regency Mall unless they closed in the past couple of months! I hope not.

10 Retailers and Restaurants We Really Miss {WalletPop}

Nov 21st 2010 8:44PM

We had a Woolworth's here in Jacksonville Florida too! Our JC Penney's had a lunch counter that had the best club sandwiches. I miss the Pic-N-Save department store too. They had a lunch counter with the best fried chicken in the south. We had a Ho-Jo's that we loved. I was a kid, and my mom was divorced so eating out was a special treat. She could afford to take us to those places. We had a Milligan's hamburger joint and an A&W Rootbeer stand close by. They closed down years ago. Anyone ever hear of a "Woolco" department store? I used to go there and Robert Hall's for school clothes. That was back in the 70's. In the 60's we went to Grant's (I think it was called "W.G. Grants") Thanks for the walk down memory lane. :)

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