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Video: Answering the eternal question - will an airbag go off in a frozen pond? {Autoblog}

Jan 12th 2010 3:34PM

Ok...first of all...I don't think this would kill any fish. An airbag is nothing like dynamite. We used to blow 'em up all the time at technician school. I don't think it could send enough of a shock through the water (not electrical, mind you) to kill anything.

Secondly...I love how anyone who voices an opinion that killing the fish in the pond would be wasteful is automatically an environmentalist. That's embarassing for the people that say it. Have some sense of reality.

Most people that don't care about the environment, don't because they don't typically like or run with the ones who do ie "hippies" etc. To pretend you don't care at all about your environment is like pretending you don't need blood in your veins. Do you want to live next to a sewage treatment facility? then, you do care about your environment. Otherwise, why don't you move to the badlands?

Also...that macho...I don't give a "f" about anything mentality just isn't smart in this day and age. Look at GM. They had that attitude and look where it got them. My favorite quote on the subject is: "When Congress changes auto emission standards, GM hires 50 more lawyers and we hire 50 more engineers." K. Honda. I don't think Honda is a bunch of environmentalists or "hippies." They just have some sense of what is important to a growing majority of people. The Dems may be the ones unwisely bailing them out but it was the Republican bull#@*t attitude that got them there.

I only say this because I am a Republican. I think the party needs to drop the "f" the environment campaign it unofficially runs. I'm not saying they need to take the approach of the Dems but denying you care about your environment loses you credibility on every level. I also find it strange that more Republicans live in the wide open of our country and have taken this stance. You'd think they care more.

Oh well...that's all I have to say. What was this supposed to be about...blowing up air bags? I've done it...It's only fun about twice.

New York City's Anti-Soda Ad Aims to Take the Fizz out of Coke and Pepsi {DailyFinance}

Dec 16th 2009 5:28AM

the one flaw in your statement is, "cigarettes are one thing." cigarettes were the beginning of this. that was the first battle and petty do-gooders were all aboard 'cause they didn't like the smell. i asked people when cigarettes were targeted, "what's next?" all i heard was:, cigarettes are different. not so different after all, just affecting different people.

NFL Defends Reversal of Murphy's TD {Fanhouse NFL Blog}

Sep 15th 2009 3:57PM

do you have an opinion on the call or are you just here to slander people? if you don't care...don't read or comment.

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