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Vacant House Yields Late Owner's Stash of Cash {AOL Real Estate}

Nov 9th 2011 11:32AM

You know all these justifications for turning the money in are good. I think to each his own and if this guy wanted to turn in the money then great. As for me with this economy and working at walmart struggling and with Christmas looming I and with the house vacant I think I woud have kept at least some of the money. You just don't kick lady luck in the teeth and say "hey here is a shitload of money in the vents and I'm going to give it back". I certainly don't consider myself a bad guy at all. I truly feel bad for the guy that talked about his former friend and the drug dealers and I'm nothing like him. This was a lucky find by fate and I take every piece of good fortune that comes my way through fate or by chance. To do anything else is your choice and whatever you do you have my support but in this particular case I would have kept part or all of the money given my current circumstances. Have a nice day everyone.

Has Matt Damon Lost His Passion for President Obama? {PopEater}

Mar 11th 2011 2:44PM

Damon please man....just be quiet. The man is a lier and suit full of hot air and you and the rest of hollywierd have somewhat figured it out and it's taken you two whole years to get off the koolaid. Obummer is not brilliant or a deep thinker. That sir is absolute nonsense. He has people around him to tell him what kind of pretty lies to say. Wake up. This idiot is destroying our country. You need to start worrying about the people here that are hungry and not so much the ones overseas.I am sorry Matt that this bum has shattered your dreams and I realize since your a Harvard or whatever grad you simply have to save face by sticking to your guns by saying something like you think he is still "brilliant" and a "deep thinker".....riiiigghhhhtt. Maybe you should just campaign for the next president elect in the next year and a half or so. One that was really born here on US soil and actualy has executive experience and knows what the hell he is really doing.

FanHouse Roundtable: NFL Lockout on Horizon for 2011 Season? {Fanhouse NFL Blog}

Feb 12th 2011 10:33AM

Hey there my friend they are greedy. The commissioners of these conferrences now are greedily pushing hard to get in these other schools in their conferences to generate and supposedly pull in more money. Conferences are getting too big in the name of the dollar in college ball and the regular season games in say the ACC simply suck because there is no round robin set up to play at each others' places during the season. A shame really. But there is enough greed to go around in college as well as the Pros.

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