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Politeness on Planes {Gadling}

Sep 2nd 2006 9:37PM

In my experience, when traveling on American Airlines, some of the rudest people are the flight attendents. No matter how polite, nice, friendly some passengers are (inluding myself), some of these staff are just plain rude. Not all, just some, and you know who you are!

At the Cannes Market: New Pics from Jackman, Hilton {Cinematical}

May 18th 2006 2:36AM

I thought Paris Hilton was unconcious at one point in her boring sex video. She is either a brilliant actor(ess), or a very bad lay, and my guess is the latter. I agree with John Hedtke's comments on this topic. In my opinion she is about as bright as a two watt bulb.

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