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Federal Shutdown Leaves Lake Mead Homeowners Shut Out {AOL Real Estate}

Oct 8th 2013 9:22AM

Doesn't seem right that the government can pick and choose what will be closed and what will be open due to the shutdown. If it is a government shutdown then can the politicians be arrested for being in the buildings that are affected by the shutdown?

Mow Your Lawn or Go to Jail, Warns One Long Island Village {AOL Real Estate}

Jun 14th 2012 10:50PM

You know where I am from if we see a neighbor having trouble with their yard or not able to mow at all we sort of step up and help them. I do this all the time as does the neighbor next door. After the 80+ yr old lady got better and started a garden this year we are given fresh veggies on almost a daily basis. People know what is right and when to help your neighbor.

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