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Bret Michaels Is Suing the Tony Awards {PopEater}

Mar 25th 2011 11:27PM

He has every right to sue. He's a good man, and respected by many for his perseverence through MANY health issues this past year or so, NOT due to drugs. When there is an accident on the set like that, the injured one has a right to sue - if it wasn't for the brain hemmorage, for the accident itself - he has a right. My brother in law fell and weeks later, almost died from bleeding in the brain and the recovery went on for a while. It was due to the fall. Bret will probably donate part of it to charity. Again, it is HIS right. The accident was the fault of the show, not his, and he was injured. Any person with a brain might due the same thing. Give him a break!!!

'Dancing With the Stars' Winner Season 9 Is Donny Osmond {AOL TV: Dancing with the Stars}

Nov 25th 2009 12:45AM

I am thrilled that Donny won! He worked his 51 year old tail off during the show, and he was almost twice the age of the remaining contestants over past weeks. This meant alot to him personally and it touched my heart. He was a teen hearthrob and then the public turned on him -- he was no longer cool to them. He had to take anxiety medication to perform in public. This was redemption for him -- that the public embraced him. It means the world to me and I have a crush all over again. I am almost 50 and he makes the 50s look cool, it's not over yet! thank you, Donny! He only knew how to do bee bop moves before this show, and there is nothing wrong with endurance training before the show -- many many of the celebrities do it themselves. Mya listed on her resume before the show that she was a dancer and choreographer. She looked like a pro from day 1. Kelly was a doll and I would have liked to see her second. Donny is so pure in heart and worked so hard and it was my favorite win of all seasons.

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