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Ariel Castro's Cleveland Home Becomes a 'Tourist Destination' {AOL Real Estate}

May 18th 2013 2:36AM

You know, my husbands hometown in Georgia had a "problem house". Well, one night/early morning, out of absolutley nowhere, it just POOF! Went up in flames. By the time the FD got there, it was totally engulfed, and they proceeded to protect nearby homes instead. Just a little story, entertaining as much as it is true...

The Country's Biggest Tourist Trap: South of the Border {Gadling}

Jul 18th 2011 4:04PM

We stopped there on a drive from Cape Canaveral to New Jersey. There was NO WAY we were driving past the place that had signs posted for 100 miles or more! It was fun. I ad a great time.

Mom Allegedly Threatens Little League Official Because Her Son Didn't Make the Team {ParentDish}

Jun 21st 2011 6:51PM

I can totally believe this story! It happens more often than people realize! My Husband managed LL teams forf a number of years. A Mom was spouting from the beginning that "This has a college scholorship riding on it." Whhhaaaat? He was 9! When he didn't make all stars, she called my hsband over 20 times in less than a hour, came to the AS registration meeting, with her mortified son, and demanded reasons. They were given and she STILL didn't get it. Moms and Dads, 95% of the time, for special teams, it is the PARENTS the coaches do not want to deal with.I will say, there a quite a few unfair coaches out there. We have dealt with out fare share over the years. I just wish adults would LET THE KIDS PLAY AND HAVE FUN!

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