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Man Tags Own Home With Expletive, and Enrages Neighbors {AOL Real Estate}

Mar 28th 2012 5:35PM

He is angry his truck is gone, he vented, move on. You never think it will happen to you then you wake up one morning and a new Truck, Tractor and trailer drove off not 50 ft from where you slept. A whole business drove off in my friends driveway. I was that close and never heard a thing.
His neighbors are more upset over his spray painted words, than worrying if there truck/car is next? Or that no one was hurt. They are not victims he is. Leave the guy alone, he will paint over it when he calms down.

Mom-Based Talk Show to Replace 'As The World Turns' This Fall {AOL TV}

Jul 22nd 2010 8:42PM

I don't know why CBS thinks a show much like the ABC's The View is needed, I would rather watch As The World Turns as I have since 1964. I must say the women chosen for this show would have my intrest as to what they have to say, but still I am still feeling the sting from Guiding Lights departure last Fall.

Barista Bath and Body Uses Coffee to Make Gray Hair Gorgeous {StyleList (Main)}

Jul 19th 2010 1:27PM

I go to Sally's beauty Supply and buy "Shimmer Lights" it is a rinse you use once or twice a month. I only pay $8.00 for a bottle that lasts a long time. I can prove how it looks, I'm on Face Book my name is Susan Trowbridge I live in Nashville TN. My profile pic was taken on a day I had just rinsed and had my hair cut and styled for a event, see for yourself what a under $10.00 product does. It is in a purple bottle.

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