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Officially Official: 2011 Chrysler 200 gets first full pics, additional details {Autoblog}

Nov 11th 2010 10:38AM

It would be nice if they would include the specs on the 200, if it is just new medal on the old Sebring then the leg room just don't get it for anyone over 5' 10'. I looked at them when I purchased my 300C it took every bit of 5 seconds to pitch the Sebring. Come on Chrysler, enlarge the interior

What Life Is Like for Lindsay Lohan Behind Bars {PopEater}

Jul 22nd 2010 1:15AM

The fact is Ted that by her being in jail in itself will be a help on a road toward recovery of her addictions. Secondly, the reason they put her in what you call "SOLITARY" is that if she were to be put out into the general population it could have grave consequences not only to her physical being but as you know (or should) that drugs are very previlant on the inside and we ALL know that she has a problem staying away from her addiction. She is like many other celebrity stars that have been behind bars before her.

Exclusive: Gosselin Nanny Admits Affair {PopEater}

Sep 16th 2009 11:04AM

Yo "NON YA",

JUst a couple of points I'd like to get clarification on before I write what how a typical jealous person who is "OUT OF A RELATIONSHIP" AND WOULD LIKE TO BE GETTING SOME....WINK WINK. or someone that "SPEAKS FROM EXPERIENCE WHEN ACCUSING ANOTHER OF SCREWING ANYTHING WITH A PULSE". BTW, given the fact that you said "anything" and not anyone raises a question in my mind at least, what type of "BOY TOY'S YOU MIGHT HAVE TUCKED AWAY FOR YOUR NON-RELATIONSHIP TIME TO FILL IN THE GAP"..I'm just saying. What does a beer gut have to do with anything? While pregnant she put on quite the baby bump and he didn't ming riding that hump, so beer gutt thing is "LAME" LMAO And last but far from least, "blind or desperate" and being a "moron". Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder "NOT YOURS, MINE OR JOE ACROSS THE STREET. I have to refer to my earlier statement about experience, you either are or have been
"DESPERATE" (hornified) and obviously the "moron" factor r3ally holds no meaning to you given the fact that your "boy toys have no IQ at all which qualifies them as MORONIC DIP STICKS"

So in summation, my recomindation to you would simply put so that even a "MORON/MORONETTE can understnad it with "NOT" having to have Mommy/Daddy/Big Brother/Little SisterGrmpa/Granny: SHUT YOUR DAMN PIE HOLE, FIND A PARTNER, THEY SHOULD HAVE A REAL PULSE AND NOT A BATTERY OPERATED PULSE, I KNOW THAT IT MUST BE HARD TO TELL A DIFFERENCE BUT WITH ALL OF YOUR EXPERIENCE, YOU'LL DO JUST FINE. BTW blind makes not diffwence. OH, WHERE I COME FROM ALL "PIG" MEANS IS "THE OTHER "WHITE MEAT" Enjoy your dinne, which will you BE HAVING, oink, oink "THE PIG" or a huge plate of "Caw-Caw-cCrooooow????? Personally if I were placed in your situation I would have to split it and have a plate full of dignity and respect so that the next time you post, And please, if you remember nothing else from this post, you should remember this:

In advance let me just say that all of this was meant as constuctive criticism from someone that both recieves a lot on a daily basis, and yes, it does run down hill, but for the most part important information is obsorbed through this technique. You have a great life and try not to be so critical, you never know what put this person in the situation that you assume that they are in nor do you know that your "ASSUMPTIONS" ARE EVEN REMOTELY CORRECT. One last thing and the lecture is over, and keep this in mind at all times, my Grandfather who passed in 1967 always told me "NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING IN LIFE, IT MORE TIMES THAT NOT WILL END UP MAKING AN ASS-(of) U- (AND) ME.

Have a non-assumptive day.

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