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Mother of 'Genderless' Baby Storm Speaks Out {ParentDish}

May 31st 2011 10:49AM

And that is the thing. It is not the childs problem or the families problem . It is the ignorant people who will harass them. those who were brought up to be rude and intrusive by those who are rude and intrusive. If people would stop minding everyone elses business and stop worrying about eceryone elses lifestyle. and focus on their own messed up juvenile attitudes this would not be a newsstory. Just another couple trying to raise theie baby to not bend to gender rules.

That's Magic! Disney Movie Inspired Eye Makeup {StyleList (Main)}

May 25th 2011 2:27PM

Lighten up dude....Its art not a tool for teaching our youth.

Neil Patrick Harris' Partner to Talk Sex Life on New Show {PopEater}

Apr 9th 2011 8:17AM

Amen to John T. We are WAY to sexually repressed as a nation. Sex is great and we should celebrate it. Everyone does it. everyone thinks about it. so why is talking about it so gross and private?

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