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Jeff Conaway in Coma After Apparent Drug Overdose {PopEater}

May 19th 2011 2:41PM

Addiction is a disease in that you are never cured from it. If you choose to "just say no" - you manage this demon forever. I once was disgusted and righteous enough to think that people who used drugs are terrible people who can choose being sober, until a person I love the most, my son, became addicted. Then my world and understanding changed. I'm sorry for Jeff Conaway - I'm sure he isn't "choosing" to be an addict - no one would. It starts off slowly and then pushes you into a botton-less hell. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy or someone giving their uneducated opinion.

Meredith Vieira Covers Ladies' Home Journal; Talks Husband's MS Battle, Botox, Losing 10 Pounds {StyleList (Main)}

Oct 17th 2010 9:43AM

I really admire meredith. she is beautiful, smart and a kind person. She was being honest and I think this will help many people who feel guilty for "feeling cheated" when living day to day with a sick or ailing spouse. Her dedication supports her love for him - she was just saying. I wish only good things for this remarkable woman!

'Intervention': Why It's OK to Watch {AOL TV}

Sep 5th 2010 12:55PM

What I love about this show is not how they show us the everyday practices of an addict, but how they show the families and how this disease works its way into every family members life and slowly destroys it. It's truly heart-breaking. The bottom line is - most of these people are given an opportunity to get and stay sober. It doesn't always work - but it is better than nothing. I think it is spot-on.

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