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Michelle Hansen Tags Home With Message to Chase Bank: You're 'Stealing' My House {AOL Real Estate}

Feb 10th 2013 3:29PM

Chase did this same thing to a friend of mine. They contacted her. Put her on a modified program for 9 months, then told her she didn't qualify for a permanent reduction! They then said that she had to make up all of the difference in payment over those months, told her she had been considered late on her payment so she now had penalties and interest on top of the difference in payment and in total she owed them almost $25000! They reported her late on her credit report as well. She ended up selling the home she lived in 15 years al. Because Chase called her and made her an offer!

Michelle Hansen Tags Home With Message to Chase Bank: You're 'Stealing' My House {AOL Real Estate}

Feb 10th 2013 12:50PM

Chase tried two times to push us into being delinquent on our mortgage until we had to tell them to look up our record. We actually pay $25-$100 more per month on our mortgage! ANd we do NOT have a Fannie OR Freddie mortgage so that excuse is BULL$HIT. What they did to us TWICE is try to say that we owed back taxes (we pay them ourselves). We sent them all of our receipts and the records from the tax authority that proved that no one but us had EVER paid taxes on our home. One January (taxes are due the 15th but since it was a Monday and a Holiday, the date was extended to the 19th that year), we were going to be out of town so we paid them the first few days of January. Chase sent them a check for the entire amount due but it was received AFTER we had already paid the taxes so they never cashed their check but Chase was trying to tell us they had paid the taxes. It took someone from the city telling them that NO, they had NEVER paid our taxes, our taxes had never been late and they would be getting their check back to get them to back off. This whole thing took several months and since Chase was trying to force us into an escrow account every month when we made our normal payment, they were not applying it to our mortgage by saying it was not a complete payment. Chase is nothing but a criminal enterprise. I believe this woman is being railroaded like they tried to railroad us. Oh, and just last year, out of the blue, they gave us a modification that we NEVER even needed or applied for. Turns out because of their criminal behavior, they were forced by the government to give a certain number of modifications! I actually called several government agencies before we accepted it because I thought they were once again trying to screw us!

'Real Housewife' Heather Dubrow Sells Orange County Home, Report Says {AOL Real Estate}

Feb 9th 2013 12:50PM

I saw her acting on a show recently. I think it was Hot in Cleveland. While they obviously have a lot of money, her husband seemed to be quite catty for a successful man.

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