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New York's Most Unique (Or Dangerous) Subway Station {Gadling}

Jun 29th 2012 2:30PM

Must have been a union job!

Have Rosie and Elisabeth Called a Truce? Former Foes Bond Over Kids, Gluten {PopEater}

May 17th 2011 3:00PM

Rosie is exactly what she herself said of herself a "big fat loud mouth lesbian" ..nothing more!
I concur Rosie that may be the only thing you have said I can agree with!

Jesse James: Kat Von D Is Better in Bed than Sandra Bullock {PopEater}

May 5th 2011 5:14PM

Water seeks it's own level and it appears Jesse James and Kat Von D are a perfect match.
From a mans point of view it appears what Jesse fails to understand is who is "Good" in this case "better" in bed is not a one sided point of view.
It is apparent Jesse just did not bring out the best in Sandra.
I have no doubt that with the right giving caring lover Sandra would have no trouble pleasing any REAL man she choose to be with.
The lesson I hope learned here would be that Sandra and others like her make better choices in the future.
Unfortunately we should all feel sorrow for Kat Von D ...currently she still has to live with this childish boy.
Jesse would do well to find a rock to crawl back under.

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