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'Mommy! I Got to Touch a Breast Implant in School Today!' {ParentDish}

Apr 10th 2011 12:52AM

4-09-2011 @ 2:05PM
lola said...
SO on career day we should DISCRIMINATE against certain parents occupations - lawyers and doctors and cpa's welcome - plastic surgeoens, Tatoo artists and sex therapists not welcome?
WHAT KIND OF WORLD ARE WE LIVING IN? WHY are we teaching children a "clean" version of REALITY

the reality is that there are ALL KINDS of jobs and these people are WORKING and NOT COLLECTING welfare.......and these jobs are LEGAL!!!

Such a represive society we are crteatying here in the USA......
HATE islam
HATE gay's
HATE non Christians
HATE hispanics

BAD BAD BAD = breast implant dr.'s -


This is a perfect example of what I've been saying in other post ..Fools would only listen to that garbage by yikes!

'Mommy! I Got to Touch a Breast Implant in School Today!' {ParentDish}

Apr 10th 2011 12:46AM

4-09-2011 @ 7:52PM
susan said...
this is odd. i am in virginia and i have to hear of this from a london newspaper? but honestly, these are 5th graders, not 1st graders! where IS the harm about learning about reconstructive surgery? methinks a lot of you posters are projecting YOUR sexual thoughts onto the children and THAT is what i find disturbing...

You are one bright person....better from a stranger than your own PARENT. Just because he's doctor does not give him a license to SELL his type of services...thses parents are absolutely right about the stae IMPOSING THIER WILL ON THEIR CHILDREN!! When will ignorant lefties ever learn about RESPONSIBILITY and LIMITS??? NEVER

'Mommy! I Got to Touch a Breast Implant in School Today!' {ParentDish}

Apr 10th 2011 12:38AM

The article the kids didn't mind. How stupid a remark....It is the parents that do the will alow a stranger to give them candy...anything...parents responsibility is to MIND!! As far as the parent who didn't mind....she is irresponsinble and sounds like a typical ignorant liberal.....Liberals don't care about anything accept////abortion, perverted relatiions and the poor...that is to say...keep them poor........look at harlem...look at other areas of your own city or town....that is liberalism at work...Detroit is a perfect example of people who did mind....LIBERAL ADULTS!! I could go on...It's to easy....

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