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'The Crow' Remake Getting Ready to Fly {Moviefone Blog}

Jun 2nd 2010 9:58PM

Good point...Does anybody make original, or at least new, movies? You know, movies that haven't already been made, or based on TV shows of the past. The worst one of the bunch is Tim Burton...he hasnt had an original thought since 'Pee Wees Big Adventure'. Everything he has done the past 10 years has been a 're-imagining' of someone else's creativity. Although, strangely and quite paradoxically, I'm looking forward to the A-Team movie...sad, isn't it?

Palin Slams Obama Plan to Expand Drilling as Stall Tactic {Politics Daily}

Apr 2nd 2010 6:58PM

Now the article says that Palin has "seen many such studies" regarding development off the Atlantic coast. OK, fair enough, she has "seen" the studies. The real question is....did she at any point actually understand what it was she saw? Probably not. Being the most bloodthirsty, power hungry cheerleader in the Republican roster, she doesnt need to sully herself with anything like, oh, actually reading the studies and knowing the facts.

...Just a thought

Marvel Comics Apologizes for Offending Tea Partiers in 'Captain America' Story {Politics Daily}

Feb 12th 2010 10:05PM

I happen to enjoy a good cup of tea, so I am personally insulted whenever a tea-bagger, tea-partier, or whatever those racist, less intelligent 'Americans' are calling themselves nowadays. They have managed to take something that is enjoyable and relatively harmless, and turned it into something nasty...oh well, bottoms up. At least now I have something to show as proof when somebody asks me why Captain America is my hero.

Just a thought...

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