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Can MTV Return to the Glory Days of Music Videos? {PopEater}

Nov 7th 2010 4:00PM

MTV came into it's glory in the mid 80's when music and music videos were watched by all age groups. MTV got away from that and targeted it to the younger audiences. Those who watched MTV in the 80's are not interested in what MTV has to offer now. If MTV goes back to it's roots and mix it up a bit and show older videos, that may bring back some interests from the older viewers. It is real easy to turn a channel that doesn't have anything to offer.

The Only Way to Save 'American Idol'? Start Over {PopEater}

Jul 31st 2010 9:28PM

Why not have a special guest every week. When the singers get tips by a singer/celebrity, let that celebrity be the special guest.

If they really want a twist to the show, bring on a neutral audience guest as a panel member.

Idol could always hold an audition to fill the last see too, based on their knowledge in the music industry!

Senate to the unemployed: Go to Hell {WalletPop}

Jul 2nd 2010 3:14PM

The solution to the Senate and their lack of understanding is, Take away their paychecks, let them claim unemployment, and when their unemployment runs out, then what will they do! They will cry like little spoiled babies.
The other item the Senate needs is, to cut their wages like everyone else has done in the past couple of years and save this country money. Let them live like 2nd class citizens or the "Middle Class".
Right now your government is trying to do away with the Middle Class. Americans need to take over and force them to take concessions. Quit letting the government rape the hard working American citizens.

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