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Toby Keith Targeted for 'Racist' Gesture {PopEater}

Dec 16th 2009 11:10AM

Ni**a, Ni**er. Same word. Same meaning. Wrong no matter who says it.

Dante Wesley Ejected After Hit Causes Brawl in Panthers-Bucs Game {Fanhouse NFL Blog}

Oct 19th 2009 9:12AM

Fair catch or no fair catch, the coverage must give the returner space (one yard) to attempt to catch the ball. Defenseless player looking up at the incoming ball. There is no way Smith could have protected himself. $10,000 fine and miss a few games. Donate the fine/missed salary to a head injury foundation.

Wesley is a DOUCHE BAG!

Wildest Dashboard Cams: No. 15 {AOL Video Blog}

Feb 1st 2008 11:47AM

In reading some of the comments it is clear there are a bunch of Anarchists out there that despise the Police. When the boogie man kicks open your front door, call the ACLU. Screw you. I have protected you sheep from the wolves for 23 years of my life. Half of my time on this Earth. Yes there are a few "bad cops" out there. That video does not include the images of bad cops. I am sick of you Liberal, bed wetting, knee jerk, tree hugging a$$ holes trying to convince me there is "good" in everyone except the people sworn to protect you. Don't call me with your problems, call a Lawyer. I'm sure he will attend your funeral, for a fee.

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