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Neighbor Nabs 'Contractors' Breaking Into Vacant House {AOL Real Estate}

May 17th 2012 3:51PM

Really?, Let's see how you feel when your home gets broken into. My home has been robbed 3 times. The last time while I was away at my mom's funeral. All three were repeat offenders and only one was ever charged with a crime because the cops didn't have enough evidence to charge the other two. The one that was charged got off with a very light sentence (40 days.) personally I feel publishing the photos of them when they were caught in the act is fine, its to bad they didn't publish their address and phone number as well. Once convicted the punishment should be much worse, I wouldn't be apposed to seeing them in stocks on the courthouse lawn.

Meet the eBay Millionaires {AOL Small Business}

Mar 30th 2011 4:14PM

WOW, ebay must be paying AOL a small fortune to keep this on the front page of AOL news for so long.
Hey ebay, how about not spending so much money on BS advertising and cut the fees you charge sellers or at the very least stop increasing them. I will no longer sell on your site because of them.
Hey AOL, why don't you write the real story about how sellers are leaving ebay in droves because of the outlandish fees they are charging as well as other rules they have forced down our throats for their benifit. Not the least of which is the fact that sellers can't leave negetive feedback for buyers so we have no idea who we are dealing with and we have to use paypal. Shame on you AOL. After this article and a few others I have seen in your news recently about how good ebay is it wouldn't suprise me to find out that ebay owns a piece of you too.

Dina Lohan Calls Lindsay's Rehab 'Life-Changing' {PopEater}

Nov 8th 2010 12:56PM

She hasn't made it. The only thing she has done is made it to rehab AGAIN. I hope the same for her as I hope for all addicts, that she beats her addiction. But I am afraid she is destined to wind up like so many before her. Dead in a motel room.

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