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Sister Wives TLC True Story -- 'I Married My Younger Sister's Husband' {Lemondrop}

Oct 18th 2010 4:25PM

Having been in the Mormon church and having studied their "scriptures," I feel that if our country passes a "Non-Traditional Marriage" law or a "Domestic Partnership" law where the definition of marriage is not restricted to only two people, the Salt Lake LDS church will reinstate polygamy. Actually, I'm fairly surprised the Islamic community hasn't proposed such a law. Both Islam and the FLDS allow for polygyny. With the gay society pushing for domestic partnership laws, it seems a short step to a Non-Traditional or Domestic Partnership law.

Anyway, the ONLY reason why polygamy was stopped in the Mormon church was that in 1890, Utah wanted to become part of the United States (it had been a territory prior to that) and therefore it had to do away with polygamy. The FLDS church is more true to Joseph Smith and Brigham Young's version of Mormonism than the Salt Lake church is today.

I expect to see the non-traditional or domestic partnership version of marriage go on the books in the next 15-20 years. It will be interesting to watch what the Salt Lake LDS church does. After all, Section 132 of Doctrine and Covenants, the "scripture" wherein Joseph Smith commands Mormons to be polygamous is STILL included in the Salt Lake Mormon's church's authorized texts.

Secret Regrets -- Men Share the Things They'd Most Like to Do Over {Lemondrop}

Oct 8th 2010 9:57AM

Isn't it interesting that so many regrets listed here have to do with fear and truth? We fear to tell the truth so we get ourselves into situations that we regret later. Wouldn't it be absolutely wonderful if we could learn to conquer our fears so that we could tell the truth? What if we could be taught to not be afraid. I have regrets out the wazoo. Most of them because I was afraid to be alone and didn't have the courage to tell the truth to myself. The tragedy is that our behavior spreads out from us like ripples in a pond, affecting all the relationships in our lives.

I'm interested in reading more. Hopefully, I'll learn the lessons I need to understand so that I don't keep on creating more regrets in the future.

Secret Regrets -- Men Share the Things They'd Most Like to Do Over {Lemondrop}

Oct 8th 2010 9:31AM

Your words are so full of comfort and wisdom. I hope whoever that guy who regretted leaving his mom is able to read them. Off-the-scale wonderful....

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