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First-Grade Teacher Cuts Off Student's Braid {ParentDish}

Dec 16th 2009 8:51AM

First, the teacher was totally in the wrong for cutting the child's hair. Second, I'm wondering if the school had protocol for the teacher to follow for classroom disruption. (I'm saying "disruption" because the beads were causing noise each time the little girl played with them - not because she was doing something deliberately.) If the teacher asks a child to stop 3 times each time, multiple that by several times a day; then multiply that by the number of students in the classroom, there would be no learning time. Teachers should deal with regiment of the classroom, discipline as long as the child corrects behavior. Anything not in that scope should be dealt with not in the classroom. In my humble opinion, the parent and the child need to find the solution that will comply with the request of the teacher. Finally, home school is an option for parents who feel the school system is not working for thier child.

Taylor Lautner Gets Around to Defending His Girlfr..., Um, Taylor Swift {PopEater}

Dec 15th 2009 8:34AM

At the AMA, it was not Taylor Lautner's responsibility to protect Taylor Swift. It was the responsibility of SECURITY who should have been ready to STOP Kanye before he even got on the stage. Taylor Swift acted graciously and appropriately. She did not let ANYONE take ANYTHING from her! She has proved that she not only deserved the award; but that she is a gracious lady, and gentle human being. Beyonce is also a gracious lady who deserves a partner of equal quality. Back to Lautner, how would he have known that this was not part of the "script" for the evening?

When Ugly Christmas Trees Attack {Lemondrop}

Dec 14th 2009 8:45AM

Lemondrop, how about a UNIQUE spin for this article: write something POSITIVE, instead of critical? These trees are the expression of someone who wanted to be creative for whatever reason. Some of them might be a spoof, so what? It could be that some folks don't have money to hire a designer to trim thier trees? Some looked FINE to me, like the outer space one. Some are very clever. I'm surprised that you didn't pick on Charlie Brown's Christmas tree!

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