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Galley Gossip: How do flight attendants survive on such a small salary? {Gadling}

Nov 29th 2011 1:22PM

A question, not a comment. I have an unemployed grand-daughter, 28 years old, who would love this job. What kind of education requirements are needed to be a flight attendant? I would appreciate any info I can get .

Celebrities Who Gained Weight for a Movie Role {That's Fit}

Feb 26th 2011 6:02PM

Yes, its true, so many all they have to do is leave off the makeup to look ordinary.
Members of my family who are like, pretty, got those glamour shots, and they looked gorgeous, like movie stars. Charlize Theron is the most beautiful of celebrities when made up. On the other hand, some of them actually look better with no makeup. But the weight thing, knowing how easy it is to put on and so hard to take off, I would never be willing to put on weight for a role. Because there would be other roles.

Best and Worst Cell Phones: GoodGuide's Exclusive Ratings {WalletPop}

Feb 20th 2011 1:38PM

Fine and dandy, but would someone tell me what is the simplest phone to get? My contract is up in August, and I want a phone without all the gadgets. I get and receive phone calls and texts, and a camera is OK, but these phones are getting too complicated for a person that does not want all the extras,.
I would appreciate hearing of the easy phone. Does anyone make a simple phone with the texting keyboard without the rest . Like I don't need to surf the internet, check my email, etc. and surely don't want any apps. Thank you

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