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Racism Alive and Swell in NFL {Fanhouse NFL Blog}

Dec 3rd 2010 2:57AM

Excellent article. For what it's worth Bentley, I always thought you were an excellent center. Reminds me of what Clinton Portis said recently about white running backs facing the same scrutiny as black quarterbacks, which I think is a very true statement.

I actually have some firsthand experience with something similar to what guys like Gerhart and Hillis have experienced. I'm white, and in high school originally played at cornerback. Hands down, I was the best coverage guy in my grade(if I may rub my own ego). However, a great deal of many people told me I need to move to safety because, as some put it quite bluntly "we have too many black people at this school for a white boy to play corner". Eventually, I relented. Safety isn't too much different of a position and I adjusted well to it. But that's not the point. The point is, folks felt that if a smaller, faster white guy wants to play on defense, he HAS to be a safety, because even with my speed I'll always, somehow, still be a step slower than my black teammates or any black WRs I was told to cover.

But look at the NFL: how many positions don't seem pigeonholed so much? You're a white WR? You're the slot guy. Black offensive lineman? You better be a guard or hope you're tall enough to play tackle. Kicker or punter? The only black kicker OR punter I can remember is Rodney Williams (who actually did a damn fine job). I'd say TEs and DEs would seem be the most most diverse positions on the field at the NFL level. Which is interesting, because they require some of the most diverse skillsets in football.

I think this article may be on to something... though I wouldn't mind a more in-depth look at white halfbacks. Will we see, say, Brian Leonard and Toby Gerhart get a shot as more than a relief runner in the future? Would Luke Staley have been honestly given a chance as feature back had injury not sidelined his career? If Danny Woodhead were to leave the backfield quagmire in New England, would anyone looking for a new halfback notice his impressive stats first and foremost? It's interesitng stuff, at least to me.

Whatever the case, it's good to see diversity at positions in the NFL. As kids, a lot of young boys look up to NFL players. It'd be good to know that there's children out there dreaming of playing any position in the NFL, regardless of their skin color (whatever it may be). Alrighty, think I'm done ranting... hehe...

LeBron James Finalist for Time Magazine's 'Person of the Year' {Fanhouse NBA Blog}

Nov 15th 2010 5:53PM

What should he do? Should he not accept being a candidate for person of the year? What should he do?!

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