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Survey Says: Gas Prices Hurting Sales, May Lead to Layoffs {AOL Small Business}

May 18th 2011 2:22AM

My business is down 50% since Obamanomics took office. Good olde Mr. 'We got it but I wont let you drill for it'. 'I'd rather send our kids off to war to defend our rights as an energy DEPENDENT nation.' Gotta luv 5.00 a gallon King Obama. Its plain and simple... gasoline prices ALONE remove more discretionary income out of this already hit economy than we can live with. Its killing all our business. Thanks Obama! Thanks, its your energy policy that did this. Gas was 1.59 per gallon the night her won the election. Thanks to everyone who voted for him too

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Wife Maria Shriver Announce Separation {PopEater}

May 11th 2011 11:58PM

Too bad his mom didnt fly into hawaii for a few hours ;-)

Survey Says: Nearly Half of Employees Think About Quitting {AOL Small Business}

Mar 15th 2011 1:41AM

PERHAPS if government would stop spending what we do make we could at least feel like we are getting a raise and making more money. Lets get Obama out of office he is spending more in NEW programs than any other President in history. Oh, and his lies about not believing in war and bringing ALL of our troops home our more than disappointing. He's about to put us in a war with Libya. When if he would JUST let us DRILL our OWN oil we wouldn't be in any wars? I mean someone has to drill it so why not us?

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