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Pilot Fired for Kissing Flight Attendant in Cockpit {AOL Travel News}

Dec 22nd 2010 8:58AM

i have often noticed that some women want to become sexual or flirty by kissing a guy, pinching him on the butt, feeling his muscles, making comments, etc. I also have EXPERIENCED that there is a double standard in this arena. Some women cry foul over things such as the pilot did and charge sexual harassment, yet they are guilty of crossing the line in their own way

Dad Who Stormed Bus Apologizes for Some Actions {ParentDish}

Sep 22nd 2010 4:18AM

The inmates have been allowed to run the asylum in this stupid, politically correct society of ours. This man has to work hard enough to provide for his family; sometimes, kids/people need "the fear of GOD" put in them--YOU GO, JAMES!!!

Whitney Houston's Worst Enemy? Her Biggest Hit {PopEater}

Apr 27th 2010 6:14AM

my personal belief is that whitney was born with a big, emotive voice. however, 99% of big singers have to take special care to keep hitting the big notes. i heard an interview with celine dion when after one of her tours. during the tour, lots of sleep, very little talking and when you do, talk at low volume, no caffeine, plenty of hydration throughout the day, warm up the voice, etc. andy williams is rather old, but still has an amazing voice; so does tony bennett. takes alot of discipline. whitney became a star at 19; i don't think she ever developed alot of discipline.

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