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Ines Sainz Fires Back at Female Sportswriters' Organization {Fanhouse Main}

Sep 23rd 2010 2:20PM

I think Sainz is setting women's rights back 25 years! As a professional communicator, her response and/or reaction has not been consistent. Just say what you mean and mean what you say. No need to blast AWSM, they have been advocating for equality in sports journalism for many years. As someone who has been in several locker rooms during my career, from college to MLB, I appreciate their efforts and take comfort in the fact that the organizations that I have had contact with DID exhibit respect for ALL reporters - not just the females.

'Bombshell' Says Jesse 'Avoided' Real Dirt in Teary Confessional {PopEater}

May 26th 2010 3:31PM

Way to go Jenna!!! I can't believe these women who air their dirty laundry for money (and 5 minutes of fame-the extended version, Ha!) and expect an apology for their own decision...or indecisiveness! LMAO

Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union Dismiss Lawsuit Filed by Wade's Ex {Fanhouse Backporch}

May 5th 2010 8:39PM

The relationship is over and Siohvaughn needs to get over it! She's draggin the kids into an adult situation and she needs to be an adult about it. Her current state is classic...she's hurting and she's obviously bitter. If she's not careful, D-Wade will be suing her for inflicting mental and emotional pain on their kids.

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