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Is Horse Surfing The World's Next Watersport? {Gadling}

Jun 25th 2013 6:22PM

Bad for the horse's hoof.

Sequestration Could Cut Lifelines to Hurricane Sandy Victims {AOL Real Estate}

Mar 1st 2013 8:21PM

Welcome to some of Florida's storm problems. I had 3 hit me with 45 days. No picnic. Thank God it was not cold, as in the north. Thank God I knew how to prepare. I left NYC one day before Sandy and the preparation told to the public was NOTHING. No one told these people while they had electricity to wash their clothing, get their meds, get pet food, to line their tub with the shower-curtain and fill the tub (stoppers alone will leak), to use the tub water for flushing the toilets (don't fill the toilet tank - just about 1/2 gallon will flush a toilet poured directly into the bowl, the tank takes 2.5 to 5 gallons of water), to get bleach for disenfection, etc... We had to deal with heat which created mold, stench, standing water with mosquitoes, etc.....But, the list goes on what they did not tell folks. When Katrina hit, most folks that were on Government help had no cash-between checks. I cannot believe the USA has no better storm awaradness programs, nor the supplies needed for a storm disaster at their fingertips. Geez, I do that for my family. Generator, gas, etc....beans, rice, canned fruit, least for a week.. Once a year I donate it to the Boy Scouts and restock.

'Queen of Versailles': Tale of Mega-Mansion Headed for TV {AOL Real Estate}

May 3rd 2012 4:22PM

This horrid, hellish pile of rubble is a blight for all who live and use Lake Butler. The entire sub-division is garish and 'new rich' (like the Seigals) tacky. No real Windermere resident would be caught dead over there. David Seigal is miserable lives to litigate. I guess the Hard Sell practices he used to create his empire selling over-rated Time Share Vacations came back to bite him. For years we saw thousands and thousands of peoples names listed in our local paper he was suing who couldn't afford to pay monthly 'vacation' fees. At this point, he would have to rent pallbearers.

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